PANEL 9: Achieving a ‘social license to operate’ in sustainable-sensitive operating environments

Katherine Teh-White, CEO, Futureye

  • Dr. Mahender Singh, Chairman, Malaysia Institute for Supply Chain Innovations; Executive Director, MIT Global Scale Network
  • Hugo Bethlem, Senior Advisor, Retail, Accenture
  • Chris Grant, CEO, Manz Partnership
• Panel members are subject to change without notice.
Katherine Teh-White  

Increasingly, consumers of fmcg products are putting pressure on retailers, manufacturers, and upstream processors to know more about the ingredients that go into the products they buy. The demand for ‘traceability’ is driven by social responsibility among consumers, and reinforced by the efforts of other activists such as Greenpeace, all of who have an underlying objective of sustainability and corporate social responsibility.
We have gathered a panel that represents all sections of the supply chain, and are prepared to collaborate to find a solution to the conundrum of traceability. In particular, palm oil will come under focus because it is clearly in the sights of the activists. And if some changes are possible at a price, who foots the bill? The consumer; the manufacturer; the processor; or the original supplier of the commodity under review?