PANEL 7: Smoothing global trade flows through improved compliance and security protocols

Dr. Hans-Georg Raber, Head of Tax Policy and Customs Duties, Volkswagen Group AG

  • Russell Wilkinson, Founder/CEO, World Customs Portal Pty Ltd
  • Pascal Olliver, Director of Corporate Development IPCSA/SOGET S.A
  • Giannis Despotidis, CFO, COSCO Greece, S.A
  • Special demo of new 'Single window' software under development
• Panel members are subject to change without notice.

Dr. Hans Georg Raber 
Dr. Hans Georg Raber

Essentially, this topic is about how to address the impediments to world trade, across country borders. The solution here is not more government regulation- quite the opposite. Instead, the suggestion is to map the major bilateral flows between pairs of major trading countries, and seek to apply some of the dynamic alignment thinking featured in Gattorna’s book and a later panel- at the macro-trade level. Tax, transfer pricing in multinational corporations, and customs reforms will all be integral to the sweeping changes that are mandatory if world trade is to be unshackled from current impediments, and let fly for the greater good of world communities. It is a serious issue because it is materially affecting growth in a negative way in many economies that are trying to raise the living standards of their respective populations. The panel will attempt to define a specific set of actions to be taken, and by whom. It will also introduce the audience to new tools that will smooth the flow through Customs authorities around the world, and so improve the cost and time efficiency of world trade.