PANEL 6: Perspectives by influential women leadership in global supply chains

Annette Clayton, CSCO & EVP, Schneider Electric

  • Prof. Patricia McLagan, CEO McLagan International, Inc. and Co-Founder, GoalStreams, LLC
  • Lucy Lei, MD and VP Asia Pacific, Beaulieu International Group
  • Maeve Magner, Public Health, Supply Chain Expert
  • Prof. Janet Godsell, Professor of Operations and SC, University of Warwick UK
  • Alexandra Pitta - Chazapi, Managing Director , ATTIKI Bee Culturing Co
  • Hiro Athanassiou, General Manager of ELAIS - Unilever Hellas S.A.
• Panel members are subject to change without notice.

Women are increasingly playing pivotal leadership roles in private and public enterprises, and the armed forces, at a global level. This panel is comprised of women who have all achieved outstanding success in their careers in the supply chain domain, and in the process, demonstrated exceptional leadership. The objective of this session is to share their experiences and challenges along their respective journeys to where they are today, and take a look at what lies ahead. As more women have entered the fields of engineering, manufacturing, operations, procurement and logistics, we see an increasing number of women in influential leadership roles in supply chain management. More women are graduating from operations-based curriculums and learning institutions, and these women are moving experientially through their respective careers. Some are now running large parts of corporate enterprises and even entire global supply chains. To be qualified for these roles is not gender-based, but rather experiential-based, and we see more women with the key experiences required to be considered for these senior supply chain roles. We will hear from several women who have become successful supply chain senior executives and the key competencies, know- how’s and experiences that have given them the opportunity to lead. This topic applies to anyone who wants to be a supply chain leader of the future.