PANEL 5: Campaign supply chains – bridging the gap between the supply base and project customers

Huub Jansen, Head of Strategy and Projects, Shell Development Australia Pty Ltd

  • Konstantinos Vavaletskos, Member, Board of Directors, TERNA
  • Vivek Kamra, ex President and CEO at NatSteel Holdings Pte Ltd
  • Jarod Monaghan, Logistics/Supply Chain Manager Browse FLNG, Woodside Energy
  • Richard Finch, Owner, Tough Logistics
  • Stuart Whiting, SVP Logistics and Network Design, Global Supply
    Chain, Schneider Electric
• Panel members are subject to change without notice.
Huub Jansen 
Huub Jansen       

One type of supply chain that has so far escaped formal attention is that which services the construction of major capital projects. We call this type of supply chain, Campaign, because we’re talking big: big in scale, big in complexity, big in dollars. And long in timeframe. To top it off, each one is unique. Capital projects can be Greenfield industrial sites or Brownfield projects, involving major overhauls of existing industrial facilities. It’s surprising that for such a rich industry – where an estimated US$1 trillion is spent in any one year, the construction industry has been relatively stagnant in its innovation compared with the strides made by other industries. To be brutal, ‘construction has historically been a slow, no-learning industry.’ Why this is so, and most importantly, what we can do about it, is what we’re investigating in this panel.