PANEL 3: ‘Big data’ and ‘Big calculations’ to reduce complexity in enterprise supply chains

Ms. Lora Cecere, CEO, Supply Chain Insights

  • Anko van Kreij, Chief Solutions Officer, Quintiq
  • Dr Babis Theodoulidis, Director, Centre for Service Research, University of Manchester
  • Nikos Peppas, Country Manager, Greece, Cyprus and Bulgaria, SAS Institute Inc
Panel members are subject to change without notice.


The quality of data is a perennial challenge for supply chain management, but that challenge has become a whole lot bigger. The outright failure of conventional ERP systems to deliver transactional data in a consistently intelligible form suitable for managing supply chain operations has highlighted the pressing need for companies to build new data analytics capabilities in-house, and urgently. The accessibility and especially the consistency of a Firm’s master data is an essential building block for enhanced supply chain performance and performance monitoring. Add to this, a veritable deluge of transactional data coming at the Firm from all sources (video and social media; mobile signals; purchase transactions; point-of-sale; mapping and GPS; and sensors in all formats), and you have the makings of what is being called ‘big data’. The good news is that we now have the technologies and analytical tools to extract new and valuable insights from this veritable sea of data. By harnessing these newly available technologies we can drive productivity increases along the entire length of enterprise supply chains.