PANEL 12: The impact of ‘conscious capitalism’ on the design and operation of enterprise supply chains

Dr. Carlos Bremer, Partner, EY Brazil

  • Hugo Bethlem, Retail Senior Advisor for Accenture in Brazil
  • Antonio Vasconcelos, International Director, The Natural Step
  • Ronald van den Hoff, President,
• Panel members are subject to change without notice.
Deborah Ellis

The enlightened view of contemporary supply chains is that they are driven by people [rather than technology and asset utilisation as often thought]. These people come in various forms: customers and consumers, suppliers, employees and leaders in the business, and various other stakeholders in the operating environment- the wider community, investors, and government. So there is immediate overlap here with the notion of ‘conscious capitalism’, where all the same stakeholders are present. This panel will discuss ways that we can consciously design and operate our enterprise supply chains to create requisite value for all stakeholders, inside and outside the enterprise. Our premise is that if we can achieve this, all stakeholders will be satisfied, and the resources used will be optimal.