PANEL 1: Using 'design thinking' to evolve new supply chain configurations

Don Hicks, Founder & CEO, LLamasoft, Inc


  • Prof. Alan Waller OBE, VP Supply Chain Innovation, Efeso Consulting and Adjunct Professor, Cranfield University (UK)
  • Salvatore Paparelli, Regional Logistic Officer & Head of Sales Operations Europe presso Sony Electronics
  • Volker Klohr, Managing Director bei LOCOM Consulting GmbH
  • Byron Patching, Principal XAct Solutions
  • Christine De Lille, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, Delft University of Technology
• Panel members are subject to change without notice.

The days of ‘inside-out’ one-size-fits-all supply chain thinking are dead and buried. Replacing this out-moded and always flawed concept is the more enlightened ‘outside-in’ thinking based on design thinking principles. And just in time too, for the world has become a dangerous and complex place to do business in. This panel will discuss the application of design thinking principles to supply chain design and operation, and the benefits that flow thereof.