Professional Partners


Hellenic Management Association

The Hellenic Management Association (EEDE) was established in 1962. It is a not-for-profit organisation with a mission to contribute to the promotion, dissemination and promulgation of modern management principles, methods and practices. EEDE has members, both corporate - enterprises and organisations of the private and public sector - and individuals - medium and top-level executives, entrepreneurs, professors and students.
The Hellenic Management Association incorporates five Institutes, specialising in a particular function of management and four Sectors that deal with general business issues: Hellenic Institute of Marketing, Hellenic Institute of Financial Management, Hellenic Institute of Production and Operations Management, Hellenic Institute of Information and Communications Management, Hellenic Institute of Human Resources Management, Sector of Women Managers and Entrepreneurs, Public Administration and Local Authorities Management Sector, Leadership Sector and Corporate Affairs Sector.

The ultimate purpose of the Hellenic Management Association is to improve the competitiveness and effectiveness of Greek enterprises, through the development of human resources, as well as to offer such enterprises modern qualitative and specialised services that correspond to the challenges of the current economic environment, in particular accentuating the training activities and the growth of leadership competences.

We are pleased to have The Hellenic Management Association as a Professional Partner for the 2015 Global Supply Chain Summit.


The Hellenic Institute of Production and Operations Management (EIDIP)

The Hellenic Institute of Production and Operations Management (EIDIP) was  established in 1980. Within the framework of EEDE’s activities, this Institute has a specific aim to enhance the efficiency of management in the field of Production of Material Goods and Services, to upgrade its role in the operations of a company, as well as to promote and disseminate its principles, with a view to improving the competitiveness of enterprises.

The primary aims of the Institute are as follows:

  • To promote and disseminate the application of management in the field of production of goods and services throughout enterprises and organizations, that   are active in Greece.
  • To observe and study the developments in the theory and practice of management in the field of production of goods and services and to contribute to any potential adaptation in the Greek business setting.
  • To promote the exchange of knowledge, opinions and practices in the field of managing the production of goods and services both at national and international level.
We are pleased to have The Hellenic Institute of Production and Operations Management as a Professional Partner for the 2015 Global Supply Chain Summit. 


Indian Institute of Supply Chain Management (ISCM)

The Institute of Supply Chain Management is India’s leading leadership development institute for supply chain management and logistics. ISCM partners with industry to solve the challenges they face. From consulting to developing skill sets, ISCM helps corporate fine tune and optimize their supply chains. A recent initiative at ISCM is the Supply Chain Community – ISCM has created platform where industry seniors can interact and share their views with students of supply chain. ISCM’s mission is to help organizations improve their competence in supply chain management, develop strategic capabilities and improve effectiveness by focusing on talent development, consulting and research.

Founded in 2009, ISCM enhances the value and performance of procurement, planning and supply chain management professionals and their organizations in India. Through a combination of education, research, training, consulting and information dissemination — including the only B2B monthly SCMPro — ISCM maintains a strong influence among individuals and organizations.

To further the cause of Supply Chain Professionals, ISCM invites global gurus in Supply Chain to India for a delivering strategic master class. ISCM also holds an annual supply chain strategy summit – a congregation of some of the senior supply chain professionals in India.

As a pioneering leadership development institute in the area of Supply Chain Management in India, ISCM offers full time and part-time post graduate programs and specialized management development programs in the area of supply chain and business forecasting. The programs offered by ISCM are highly respected and recognized in corporate sector for employment.
A recent initiative of ISCM is the ISCM Skill Development Center, a platform for delivering employable skills to entry level supply chain professionals. The skill development initiative will partner with likeminded institutes and provide a well-structured curriculum and faculty development assistance.

To further the supply chain expertise, ISCM partners with some of the world’s leading supply chain management institutes like ISM USA, Gattorna Alignment and Management Science Laboratory of Athens University of Economics and Business.
We are pleased to have Indian Institute of Supply Chain Management (ISCM) as a Professional Partner for the 2015 Global Supply Chain Summit.


Hellenic Logistics Association

Hellenic Logistics Association is a non-profit organization that represents the Greek Logisticians. It accentuates and promotes to the competent National Institutions, Federations and Government Authorities the demands that spring-out from the Supply Chain and Logistics related markets, taking initiatives that lead to solutions and helping the upgrade of the Science of Logistics in Greece. Additionally guarantees the definition and delimitation of Greek Logisticians, the Greek Supply Chain and Logistics Management and the Logistics Services in Greece.

Our goal is to promote the coalition of professionals in the environment of Logistics and Supply Chain Management with main objectives: the prompt evolution and exponential growth of the Logistics Business Sector, the entrenchment and protection of the Logistician’s profession and the enhancement of the role of the Greek Logistician to an upgraded level within the domestic Enterprises, the Business Community and the National Economy.

More than 500 members are participating in our Association, which are Business Executives and Officers of major enterprises within the Private and Public Sectors in Greece.

We are pleased to have Hellenic Logistics Association as a Professional Partner for the 2015 Global Supply Chain Summit.