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Zappeion Hall

One of Athens’ most important buildings – both in history and architecture - the Zappeion first opened in October 1888. Located in the heart of Athens, it is used for private and public functions. The Zappeion was used during the 1896 Summer Olympics as the main fencing hall. A decade later, at the 1906 Intercalated Games, it was used as the Olympic Village. It served as the first host for the organizing committee (ATHOC) for the 2004 Games, from 1998 to 1999, and served as the Press Centre during the 2004 games. A number of historical events have taken place at the Zappeion, including the signing of the documents formalizing Greece's accession to the European Community in May, 1979, which took place in the building's marble-clad, peristyle main atrium. The head of Evangelos Zappas is buried underneath his statue which is located just outside the Zappeion.

Zappeion Hall


Dionysos Restaurant

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