Athens City Walks

Tour Options - Thursday 1 October 2015.

We have organised some fantastic tours, you will need to book these online at These will be billed directly to you via credit card.

Grand Tour of Athens
Athens through the eyes of a 19th century traveller
3 hours // COST €40.00

This is a meandering walk that besides getting you to some major sites it will lead you though the city’s lesser-seen historic side streets offering a different perspective of Athens. Tour takes in splendid ruins of classical antiquity, Byzantine churches, stately Ottoman mansions, mosques and synagogues and an atmospheric Turkish bath house. This walk will also lead you through the city’s Jewish history and heritage. This tour will not visit any archaeological sites.



Athenian Architecture
From neoclassical to modern to
3 hours // COST €40.00

The walk explores the Kolonaki quarter and chronicles the creativity of the architects, artists and designers, as well as
the currents in the city’s culture that helped shape their work. During the walk you will explore the quarter’s architectural heritage and be captivated by stories of the architects and buildings that mark the transition from Neoclassicism to Eclecticism, from Art Deco to Modernism.


Sunset Photography
Capturing the contradictions of athens  
3 hours // COST €40.00

This two-in-one walk is suitable for all ages, camera types (even smart phones), and levels of photography. The docent doing the tour will illuminate little-known secrets in your your surroundings while instructing you on how to sharpen your photography skills and capture memories for a lifetime. We will pass the fashionable boulevards of central Athens and explore the narrow alleys of Psyrri, where the walls are covered with impressive street art and discreet facades reveal hidden vintage stores, avant- garde art galleries, and artisan workshops. The tour ends with a sunset vantage point to capture the Athenian skyline at dusk.


Food & Culture Walk
Sustainable flavours throughout the 20th century (walking-tasting tour)
3 hours // COST €50.00

This walking tasting tour works like a time capsule filled with Athens’ history, culture, and food. As you move through Athens you will taste a wide variety of treats, including: delicious savory pies and tarts, delicate & aromatic tea, tangerine scented marzipan, plump & freshly olives, and a Mediterranean meze platter featuring a spread of our
region’s signature appetizers.