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Our preferred charity for the 2015 Global Supply Chain Summit in Athens is  ‘Oasis Africa’. 

Over 9 million people live in slums in Kenya, which represents 55% of the urban population. Housing for Nairobi’s slum dwellers typically consists of shanties made of mud, wattle and iron sheets. There are as many as 250 shanties per hectare and there is little or no access to water, electricity, basic services and infrastructure, with around 94% of slum dwellers lacking access to adequate sanitation.

After seeing the need first hand in June 2005, the NFP humanitarian foundation Oasis Africa, was established by Summit partner, Logistics Executive Group, and with the help of Gattorna Alignment and many other supply chain organisations’ support, has raised awareness and funds to help create a better future for these children. Oasis has educated over 8000 children, and is presently operating in 2 of Nairobi's slums; Kibera and Soweto. See Current Projects www.oasisafrica.org.au

Oasis is the 2015 Athens Summit featured charity, and International Ambassador Lucy Kamau (Kenya) and Founder / Chairman Kim Winter (Australia), will be guest speakers at the Summit Gala Dinner and charity fundraiser in Athens on 30 Sept’15.