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How to lead a digital company? How does digitization, in the midst of the 4.0 revolution, affect the business world and the leadership of organizations?

Were the great leaders of the last century worse leaders than those of today, who are immersed in a digital environment? No. What has changed is how, but not the basis. We understand that in the business model of our company, the most important thing to lead a company begins with oneself. Great companies have no soul, spirit, or personality. Companies are mirrors of the people who run them.

Today we have at our disposal a series of effective technological tools, such as Big Data or Artificial Intelligence, which allow us to make everything easier and faster in the best way. It is true that everything changes … but, in reality, nothing changes. That is, the fundamental functions of a business leader are not altered. I come to demystify that digitization changes everything.

The most important thing to lead a digital company, as well as to exercise leadership, are people. The human factor will always be above technology to leading companies in the digital age. Companies are organizations of people who work for people (clients or consumers).

As leaders, the most difficult challenge before us is to embark on people and teams on projects, to do it with passion and willingness, without being obliged. The most important thing in this 4.0 revolution is to understand very well that digitization opens channels -through certain tools- to get to the basics, which is the relationship with people, with customers.


An Efficient Process

Digitization is an efficient process. Innovation will allow us to establish higher quality human relationships. When all this process of technological change has been standardized, we will have to talk about the era of post-digitization. Then we will have more time to really improve the quality of our human relationships.